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Donation Towards the Rebuilding of Long Balau
Donation Towards the Rebuilding of Long Balau
Donation Towards the Rebuilding of Long Balau
Donation Towards the Rebuilding of Long Balau

Donation Towards the Rebuilding of Long Balau

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Long Balau,  a 26-room longhouse, was razed to the ground on the evening of November 3rd 2020. It is a village we consider to be a haven of rattan basketry.

Within this remote village nestled amongst Borneo's rainforests, are dozens of highly talented rattan basketry artisans who practise this craft on a daily basis. The artisans of Long Balau take great initiative to plant this valuable forest fibre within their vicinity, and hence, have the resources to complement their skills, where they constantly generate high quality basketry products.

The fire was an atrocity to the beautiful people of Long Balau, consuming their home within minutes. 10 families have found themselves without homes. Some have taken shelter in their huts in the forest whilst others are having to impose themselves into the homes of their relatives, whilst awaiting their new homes to be rebuilt.

The rebuilding of such a large structure would require years to complete. Their need for materials is expected to be sizeable but financial resources do not match.

We are initiating this fundraiser for our artisans and their families to rebuild their homes. All donations to this fund will be distributed to the artisans and a report will be issued periodically on our Instagram and Facebook platforms as well as here.



Tanoti's call for donations had provided us with sufficient funds to provide them with immediate critical aid. As they had lost their entire kitchens in the fire, we purchased and supplied them with cooking gas, gas stove, kettle and other household items so that they are comfortably nourished and organised at this time of sudden displacement. This initial aid was provided to them on 13 November 2020.



All other donation funds shall be applied towards providing them tools and materials to rebuild their longhouse. We intend to collect sufficient amounts for the following:

- handsaws

- hammers

- tablesaw

- hand drill

- diesel generator set to power these equipment

- electrical extension cords

- marine-grade plywood sheets

- nails, screws, nuts, bolts, hinges, door handles

- bricks

- cement


Tax deductible receipts can be issued for your donation, please state your FULL NAME and IDENTITY CARD NUMBER or PASSPORT NUMBER.

Thank you for your interest in our Tanoti Humanitarian Relief Initiative. We welcome your donations, and will continue to provide updates here.